Thank you for your interest in the features of the amazing UltimateBot - The Best Autobuyer for FIFA 17!

The UltimateBot is by far the most advanced Autobuyer on the market. It is a Professional, automated trading tool designed so that even new users can use it. Have you ever come across a team that you would label your ''Dream Team''? And have you ever wondered how they managed to get it? The UltimateBot is the answer! We have sold over 20,000 licenses to people from all over the world. With almost 15,000 registered members and an ever growing Forum the UltimateBot is the leading Autobuyer on the market. Most of them are Coin Sellers, Youtubers and normal users who are tired of trading manually because it is time consuming and not profitable at all.

The best FIFA Autobuyer - You want it? We got it!

Unlike other Autobuyers for FIFA 17, the UltimateBot does not have any restrictions regarding the amount of accounts you can use with ONE LICENSE. Other Autobuyers let you use one account at the same time - You might be thinking: Why that? That's exactly what we were thinking as well and stopped that madness. Let's put that in numbers. If one account is making you 100k coins a day. Ten accounts will make you 1 million coins a day. And instead of spending hundreds or thousands of Euros on coins or multiple licenses for other autobuyers, you can use as many accounts as you want with a single license on the UltimateBot. NOW You know how the fifa coin sellers have unlimited amounts of coins. That's the reason why the UltimateBot is the best FIFA 17 Autobuyer available.

Now let's have a close look at a few of the amazing functions that you have never seen in a FIFA 17 Autobuyer before:

-> Encrypted Login
Our self-developed encrypted Login makes sure that your login data is safe. Security is our highest priority.

-> Visual Playersearch
Search for Players the way you are used to - Visualized! You get detailed information about all players in FIFA Ultimate team. Including Pictures, Stats and Ratings. You can filter by Nationality, Club, Quality or just the name. When you want to add a certain player, you can choose Formations, Positions, Informs and much more.

-> Automatic relogin
The UltimateBot is the ONLY autobuyer that is able to reconnect once it has been disconnected. If you get disconnected, it will automatically relog your account to make sure that you don't stop making coins.

-> Playerlists and automatic reload
Create your personal Playerlist. Save, Load, Change or Share them with your friends! If you close your autobuyer and restart it, it will automatically load the list you used last!

-> Informs
The only FIFA Autobuyer that Supports ALL Informs. No matter if TOTW,MOTM,TOTY,TOTS or Upgrades. You can even add them to your list before they have been released!

-> Automated Searching,Buying & Selling
The UltimateBot automatically buys and sells players at the highest speed possible. When a player does not sell, it relists him. If you have players in the unassigned pile, it lists them once there is space in your tradepile. It even relists players that are not on your list anymore!

-> Fully Automated Price Check & Insert
The Autobuyer automatically checks the Market for your Players and inserts their Buy & Sell price into your playerlist.

-> Automated Price Update
The prices of your players get updated automatically as often as you want it to. This way your players always have the newest price possible which maximizes your profit.

-> Intelligend Price Update (IPU)
This function makes sure that you can't lose coins. Let me explain this function: If you have a certain player on your list, let's say Marco Reus, and his price is 10000 (10k). Now the Autobuyer automatically updates the prices and sees that the price rose to 30k, which is obviously way overpriced and not good, the Autobuyer detects that, informs you about it and leaves the price at 10k. All other autobuyer would make you lose coins now!

-> Real time and Detailed Tradepile
The detailed tradepile shows all the players that are currently on your tradepile - in real time. It includes information such as the Player picture, Name, Formation, Position, Starting Price, Buy-Now Price and the time when the auction will end.

-> Tradepile Protection
The Autobuyer will stop buying players automatically when your tradepile is full and it will restart when you have enough space again. This way your unassigned pile won't get clogged up and you won't risk a ban.

-> Restricted Re-Buy
The UltimateBot can be set to rebuy a certain player only for x amount of times. That way it won't buy the same player again and again before a few of them were sold.

-> Visualized Log
The Log informs you about all actions that are currently going on. It shows Bought Players, Sold Players and Missed Players including Information such as Player picturs, Names, Formations, Positions, Time, Date and Buy/Sell Price.

-> Sell Sound
The Autobuyer can play a sound when a transaction has been made.

-> Help Buttons & Help Tab
We have placed quite a few help buttons within the autobuyer in case you have any questions. The new Help Tab includes all the helpful links you need to get the most out of the UltimateBot.

-> Changelog Tab
We always want to keep you informed about the changes we have made, so we implemented this Tab that gives you all the information that you need.

-> Status Bar
The Status Bar gives you a detailed view of the most important information. It shows you the UltimateBot Account, The Ultimate Team name, the amount of coins and the runtime.

-> Live Runtime & Profit Counter in the playerlist tab
This part shows you the Runtime and the Profit of your current session.

And much more! Now you know why we are the most-used and best Autobuyer on the Internet. Buy a license now, download the FIFA 17 Autobuyer for free and experience the best public Autobuyer. If you want to have a closer look at the Autobuyer, please check out the Slideshow and the Video below!

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