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General questions about the UltimateBot

How does the UltimateBot work?

The UltimateBot does everything you would do when you want to buy a player - Just faster, better, smarter and more efficient. It logins automatically and does exactly what you tell it to do. You select the players and your settings and the Autobuyer does the rest for you. Various innovative functions ensure that even new users will make profit. It is completely automated: It buys, lists and sells players while keeping an eye on the market. What does that mean? It updates the prices of the players, checks whether they are overpriced, gives you detailed informations about each player and transaction and much more! Click here to check it out!

Is the UltimateBot safe?

This is by far the most asked question, so you are not alone! Yes, the UltimateBot is safe. We do not store any of your EA details and we make sure that the Autobuyer always connects through an encrypted connection so that nobody can EVER steal your account details. After the license check (First login) our servers are not in any way connected to your computer. Your EA login data goes straight to EA, Only EA! (Second Login)

Can I get banned for using the UltimateBot?

No, we have over 2 years of experience regarding Autobuyers and we always make sure that the Autobuyer never exceeds any limits set by EA. However if you do get banned, we can't offer a refund since the reason of the Ban will be a different one. (Multiple Accounts, Buying/Selling coins...)

Am I able to share the bot or use it on 2 different computers?

No, you can only open it on one computer. Make sure you only start it on the computer that you want to be using it on. If you want to change computers, please contact us.

Does this work on Linux/Mac?

It does not work on Linux/Mac since you need .NET Framework 4.0 to run it. Luckily there are quite a few solutions to that: You can use free Virtual Machines or rent a Virtual Server for as little as 3€ a month.

Does the UltimateBot get updated?

Yes, we update the UltimateBot regularly to make sure that it will always be the best FIFA Autobuyer out there! If something doesn't work correctly, we fix it. If something innovative comes to our mind, we implement it. If you have any great ideas, share it!

Do you offer Support?

Yes! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us. We have the best support you can think of. Starting from simple e-mails to remote controlling your computer to find the problem - We do everything to satisfy you.

Questions about Payments/Refunds/Affiliates

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following: PayPal, Paysafecard

I have just purchased my license. How long does it take to receive it?

The activation process is automatic. It usually takes between 5 minutes and 12 hours to activate it. You will receive an activation e-mail once your license gets active.

What is your policy on refunds or returns?

Due to the nature of our service we unfortunately can't offer refunds. You are paying for a membership on UltimateBot.net so we can't give any refunds in case you want to stop using it. Once your license is activated, there is no way to get a refund - You have accepted that by purchasing the UltimateBot. We are not responsible for any changes made by EA - If Autobuyers stop working, we can't do anything about it. Since you have paid for a membership, which comes with free tools such as the Autobuyer, there is no way to issue a refund.

Do I get something if I make my friends join?

Yes! If your friends buy a Silver license and name you as a referral, you get 1 day for free. If they buy a Gold license, you get 2 days for free. If they buy a Platinum license, you get 3 days for free.

Will you be around for FIFA 17? And does my license carry over?

Yes and Yes. We will most likely release an update within the first week of FIFA 17. Your licenses of FIFA 16 will also work for FIFA 17.

Do you offer advertisement partnerships, referrals or such?

If you have a big Youtube Channel, Facebook, Twitter or Website and want to become an Official Partner and have access to our programs and coins, please Contact us! If you simply want to exchange banners or such, please contact us as well!

Questions about using the UltimateBot

How many and what players should be on my list?

Add around 3 to 8 players or items (consumables) to your list, but do not use both at the same time with one account. Players can and should be added in different chemistry styles/positions. Go for popular players that everybody needs. Check Futhead and Ultimatedb to create profitable lists. Cheap players work better than more expensive ones.

When I try to login I get the error ''Something went wrong''. What does that mean?

This error can be caused by various things. Please try the following to fix it:
  • 1. Make sure that you typed in your e-mail, password and security answer correctly (obvious)
  • 2. Make sure you installed .NET Framework 4.0 (there can be problems when you have a higher .NET Framework installed like 4.5)
  • 3. Make sure you disabled your firewall and antivirus
  • 4. Try accessing your fifa account with your console/PC or with the mobile app for Android/iOS. Accept the ToS (Terms of Service) if asked for by EA.
  • 5. Create a complete new fifa account with a different password and security answer

Does the UltimateBot support Informs?

Yes it does! It supports ALL Informs. Whether you want to add TOTS, TOTW, MOTM, TOTY or simple Upgrades (Winter) - no Problem! You can even add them before they are released so you can snatch the first player available!

Do you give out lists of players to use?

Unfortunately we can't. If we would do that, everyone would have the same players which would decrease the amount of money you would make. Use Futhead and Ultimatedb or similar databases to create your lists.

The Autobuyer has failed to reconnect after 10 times. What does that mean?

The Autobuyer has failed to reconnect after 10 tries. That usually happens when the EA servers or your connection went down. EA makes often maintenance during the night for 10-20 minutes. Another reason for this is that your account got locked by EA. This is like a temporary ban, just wait some hours.

My bot doesn't sell the players correctly.

Make sure there are no items in your tradepile other than the players/consumables you are buying/selling. If that doesn't help, completely remove all players and consumables from your list, restart the autobuyer and add them again one by one, do not load the old playerlist/consumableslist.

''Can't verify License'' - What does that mean?

That means that your HardwareID has changed. The server does not recognize your computer anymore. You can reset your HWID once a month in the Portal, right below the download links. If you have already used the reset, please contact us!

I get a ''Not found'' on the price check --- I have to type in captchas to unblock my account on the web app

Don't worry, that's normal. To ensure that does not happen too often, do the following:
  • 1. Login to the webapp and solve the captcha, then logoff
  • 2. Be sure that you are not logged in with your account anywhere else
  • 3. Login to the autobuyer, go to the settings and change the RPM to 20 or lower

How do I run multiple accounts?

Create a seperate folder with the extracted contents from the downloaded rar-archive for each account. It is also safer to use a seperate playerlist for each account.


run multiple accounts

What does Pricefix mean?

Pricefix detection helps you to prevent big losses of your coins. When the Price Update gets the new prices for a Player, it checks if the new price is above the old price. Lets show you an example:

5000 coins old Price
8000 coins new Price
Pricefix Setting: 150%

<old Price> * <Pricefix Setting> = <maximum new Price>
5000 * 1,5 = 7500

If the new Price is bigger than the maximum new Price, the Pricefix is detected.

8000 > 7500 -> Pricefix detected

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