We have just updated the UltimateBot for the new FUT 17 Webapp! Enjoy!


  • 3 Days License
  • FIFA 17 Autobuyer
  • Free Support and Updates
  • Unlimited Accounts


  • 7 Days License
  • FIFA 17 Autobuyer
  • Free Support and Updates
  • Unlimited Accounts


  • 14 Days License
  • FIFA 17 Autobuyer
  • Free Support and Updates
  • Unlimited Accounts


  • 1 Month License
  • FIFA 17 Autobuyer & Bidder
  • Free Support and Updates
  • Unlimited Accounts
23.09.2016 08:36
Dear Community,

The Fifa 17 UltimateBot has been released. You can find it, as usual, on our website www.ultimatebot.net.

Since many of you do not have access to the web app yet, we have heard you and decided to give you the 3 free days (+ the days you lost in the past week) once the actual game has been released.

Regarding features: We do have a few changes behind the scenes and individual % for every player implemented already.
(A botmanager and a complete new playersearch are almost done but we would like to make sure everything works properly before implementing those major new features)

Since it is the first release, you might be the first one to come across smaller bugs. We have been testing it for almost a day now but that's not enough time to find every small bug. If you are encountering any issues, please do the following:

1. Check if the web app, including the market, is working flawlessly.
2. If yes: Please email us at support@ultimatebot.net or use the contact form. Please explain briefly what issue you are having.
3. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Kindest regards

Your UltimateBot Team

22.09.2016 09:04
Please note that we are currently in the testing phase. We will inform you on here, twitter and email once we are done.

Those who have already purchased a license will of course have the time added to the end of their license.

23.06.2016 17:04
Beware: EA is currently tracking down coin sellers/buyers. Please note that there might be a higher risk buying/selling coins at this time.

08.06.2016 16:35
Soon the 2016 UEFA European Championships does start and alongside with it we're doing an amazing raffle. To enter simply write a reply in the forum thread here: https://ultimatebot.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=5698
You can win one free license day for each goal your team scored and additional bonus license if your team gets to the quarter-final, semi-final or final There are still some spots left!

Note: The team will be randomly chosen by us.


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